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Everything Is Changed

It is a beautifully crafted novel, but it’s the relationships between characters who are real and relatable that form its poignant, haunting heart. I found myself desperately hoping things could be different for them.’ Kirsty Eagar, author of Summer Skin

Everything Is Changed was published in September 2016. A CBCA Notable.

Everything Is Changed by Nova Weetman

Reviewed by Emily Gale (Readings magazine)

26 SEP 2016

There are many ways to tell a story, but reverse chronology must be one of the least common – there has to be a good reason for writing a story backwards. Nova Weetman had one such reason and in Everything Is Changedtheme and structure are perfectly complemented. This tale of two boys whose lives undergo dramatic, slow-burning change in the months following a split-second decision is an excellent read for teenagers.

Tension is high from the start as we meet Ellie, girlfriend of one of the boys, who hints at the seriousness of what has occurred, how her own life is different by association. Then Alex enters the scene and something about his attitude is off; he’s keeping his cool while around him everyone else is losing theirs. And then we hear from Jake, terrified, remorseful: ‘We killed him’. The reader sympathises with sorrowful Jake, the more emotionally engaged boy. For now. Because at this point the author is like a card-turner, coolly revealing each new scene, which puts the previous one into a new, more complex light.

The theme of cause-and-effect is put to great use as we observe the boys see-saw emotionally. Each new (but chronologically older) conversation or action has led to the situation we read about in the previous chapter. Confused? You won’t be – Weetman tells this story plain and true with lean sentences and you soon get used to the backwards structure. The penultimate chapter is worth waiting for, and the final one absolutely sad.

A great read about the complexity of male friendship, perception, and consequences.



"The Secrets We Keep is a touching story of family and friendship that's honest, heartwarming, and filled with strong, lovable characters."

Sally Rippin, award-winning children’s author

‘A quietly mesmerising, finely wrought tale of friendship, loyalty, loneliness and “firsts”.’ Simmone Howell, author of Girl Defective‘

Nova Weetman’s portrait of young adults is an assured work.’ The Age

‘Weetman’s strength as an author is to convey this rollercoaster of emotion and make the reader care for her characters.’ Australian Book Review

‘Weetman’s deft, chilling prose moves us compulsively through this enthralling novel.’  Australian Book Review