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The Haunting of Lily Frost

This is my first young adult novel. Out April 2014 through UQP. It’s a ghost story with A LOT of real world drama thrown in. I love reading stories about a character that’s an outsider, so this was my chance to write my own. Lily Frost is a spunky teen that isn’t afraid of chasing down what she thinks is a mystery. She’s my nod to a teen detective, and I think probably a little bit like who I wanted to be when I was fifteen. 

This room holds secrets and, even if they are of the dark-frightening type, I love secrets more than anything else.

When Lily’s parents decide to move to a country town, she is angry and fearful of losing touch with her best friend, Ruby. 

But something about the old house they move into lures her to the attic bedroom. 

A feeling. A presence. A spirit. 

Upon entering the room, Lily faints. Coming to, she’s overcome by the whispers of secrets. 

It doesn’t take long for Lily to discover that she is living in the house of missing teenager, Matilda – or Tilly as her friends knew her. 

Lily tries to uncover the truth behind Tilly’s disappearance, as she cannot escape the feeling that something, or rather, someone, is trying to tell her something. 

Is Tilly’s ghost haunting her or is it all in her imagination?

An ‘atmospheric debut. The novel’s mild supernatural chills are well balan  ced with real world drama.’      Books + Publishing

An ‘atmospheric debut. The novel’s mild supernatural chills are well balanced with real world drama.’  Books + Publishing

"Weetman’s deft, chilling prose moves us compulsively through this enthralling novel.’'

Australian Book Review

My next young adult novel is out June 2015. It’s called Frankie and Joely and I love it. It’s about two girls who are best friends on a summer holiday in the country. 

After that watch this space…